Human side of Development

Take a look into our dedication to building products from scratch while prioritizing expertise, integrity and authenticity.

We strive by

Building people and software

Good software is produced by well-managed and educated employees, whose progress we are continuously devoted to.

Thanks to our team, we develop professional solutions while avoiding technical debt, adhering to modern development principles, and keeping our most important KPIs in mind: maintainability, scalability, performance, adaptability, and security.

Coding the future, one person at a time

In 2016, our founders took off on a voyage from the corporate world into entrepreneurship to start Leapwise, a software development company building complex digital products from inception to deployment.

Today, Leapwise makes up a team of over 20 people and is a respected and reliable tech partner for enterprises and startups all over the globe.


What we stand for

True values, genuine culture

We build the company around our people. They are the core of our vision and it’s reflected in our values.

People first

People first is a mindset. We take care of people by providing meaningful work, offering opportunities for professional advancement, and valuing work-life balance.


The cornerstone of every top-tier software is manifested through our adherence to clean code principles and profound domain knowledge. Our commitment is evident in regular code reviews and the certifications we hold.


We prevent technical debt by following a steadfast approach to software architecture, design patterns, and clean code.

Get it right the first time

Our methodical approach ensures that we think every detail through, sketching and planning comprehensively before execution. We foster a culture that cherishes professionalism and attention to details.

Go the extra mile

A strong dedication to our work pushes us to do more than required — and is always rewarding.

Trust & transparency

We like our projects well-structured and well-defined. We like our conversations honest and open. There's no place for ego when fostering meaningful relationships that boost creativity at work.

How we do it

No good software was ever made without a great team of skilled people. Skills are taught and we make sure we give all possible resources for that.

People building

Personalized annual development plans are defined, outlining a person’s professional and career goals with an action plan to get there.

Emphasize the polyvalent

We foster a culture of versatile interests and encourage language courses, soft skills trainings and sharing our knowledge with the community.

Professional certifications

We empower our team with Expert Learning Paths, professional certifications, offer a vast internal library, and access to the world’s premier conferences.

Quality over quantity

Our approach means each team member dedicates themselves to a single project, fostering deeper understanding and progression. It’s always best to stay focused on a task at hand.

Gaining & sharing knowledge

Knowledge is our greatest power — sharing it is our greatest value. Weekly code reviews nurture collaboration, while specialized trainings like Growth Tribe, Java Champion and JNation enhance our collective knowledge.

Loyal relationships

Our best efforts are dedicated to establishing loyal relationships with our employees and building long-lasting client alliances. In the world of software, our real strength lies in our capacity to share, grow, and push boundaries together.

A dedication to teamwork

We support each other daily, always playing as one team. Our more experienced team members help younger colleagues expand their skills and experiences through mentorship program.

Attention to details

We think through every detail, sketching and planning before execution. We foster a culture that cherishes professionalism and attention to detail.

Genuine one-on-ones

Honesty helps us act as coaches and assist in employee development. Open dialogue allows for a better sense of employee performance and areas of improvement.

The stars of the show

Zlatko Horvat, Co-founder and CEO at Leapwise

Zlatko Horvat

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

Mirna Horvat, Co-founder and COO at Leapwise

Mirna Horvat

Co-Founder & COO

Martin Blažević, Software Developer Tech Lead at Leapwise

Martin Blažević

Tech Lead & Software Developer

Ante Simunovic, Software Developer Tech Lead at Leapwise

Ante Šimunović

Tech Lead & Software Developer

Ivan Žganjer, Software Developer Tech Lead at Leapwise

Ivan Žganjer

Tech Lead & Software Developer

Ivan Čizmar, Software Developer at Leapwise

Ivan Čizmar

Tech Lead & Software Developer

Alen Turković, Software Developer at Leapwise

Alen Turković

Software Developer

Silvana Bakula, Software Developer at Leapwise

Silvana Bakula

Software Developer

Ivana Marijanović, Software Developer at Leapwise

Ivana Marijanović

Software Developer

Pavao Kujundžić, Software Developer at Leapwise

Pavao Kujundžić

Software Developer

Fran Simovic, Frontend Developer at Leapwise

Fran Šimović

Frontend Developer

Petar Siljeg, Frontend Developer at Leapwise

Petar Šiljeg

Frontend Developer

Luka Markovinović, Software Developer at Leapwise

Luka Markovinović

Software Developer

Vjekoslav Viduka, Software Developer at Leapwise

Vjekoslav Viduka

Software Developer

Irma Jakić, Employee Experience Associate at Leapwise

Irma Jakić

Employee Experience Associate

Petra Ilic, Junior Backend Developer at Leapwise

Dorian Badel

Frontend Developer

Petra Ilic, Junior Software Developer at Leapwise

Petra Ilić

Software Developer


Filip Šćekić

DevOps Engineer

Luka Matuzić

Frontend Developer

Klara Gavran

Klara Gavran

Digital Marketing Specialist

Our passion is reflected in our reputation

”Leapwise is a textbook example of a great business partner. Their expertise and proactivity, combined with adaptiveness and teamwork, make them an integral part of our determination to always provide our clients with the best solutions.”

Alexander Zlatnik


“They stepped in on several projects in a very short time period and gave us the support so we can focus on our clients.”

Mario Gerenčir

Verso Altima Group

”Partnering up with Leapwise means effective project delivery backed by their team of proactive experts that are easy to work with.”

Michael Mramor


“We needed a hand, the guys were willing to jump in on an already running project. They surprised us with their professionalism and the end result.”

Zoran Vujčić