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An Honest IT Company Rebranding Story in 2023: New Old Leapwise

Oct, 17, 2023

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“Our brand doesn’t communicate our core values strongly enough”

Sounds like the beginning of a Hollywood melodrama, but that was the point we had reached in January of 2023. We needed to think forward, and change our presence from the bottom up. To understand today’s situation, it is necessary to go back a few years into the past, to the very beginnings preparatory to our IT company rebranding.

First of all, who are we?

Simply, we are Leapwise, a software development company.

We have been working in this composition since the end of 2019, when the emphasis was on digital transformations and the delivery of complex technical solutions, thanks to which we established healthy foundations for future growth. But, in this whole process of gathering the know-how, a corporate rebranding strategy was not a top priority. Being professional was sufficient enough.

As time passed, we found ourselves in a situation where the identity did not reflect what Leapwise really was. The time had come to make a U-turn and present the company in the right light. We needed refreshing. 

Leapwise IT company rebranding

The why’s of rebranding a business

While examining the dos and don’ts of Leapwise’s way of work and how we approach people, there was a certain misconception about who we are. Yes, we specialize in software development, but there is so much more to us. Much more about our core, about the people behind the software we build. The previous brand did not sufficiently communicate what was happening behind our doors, the expertise and products were not emphasized, and we were not recognizable enough within the community. So, we needed a bold visual identity and digital presence for everything to come – a corporate rebranding. 

The main goals of our corporate rebranding were better communication of who we are and what we do, stronger positioning on the market, and building a stronger bond between the brand and our people. So, fast forward, the only right thing to do was a rebranding process to share core Leapwise values with the IT community, a new visual identity that would better reflect our style and character. 

The how’s of an IT company rebranding strategy

We made it big! From the branding process and the repositioning strategy to the complete IT company rebranding – a visual identity, motion branding, and website. To make the story even better, we did most of the work entirely in-house – guided the whole process from scratch, and with the great team from Bien Studio, we’ve worked on the new website, which turned out pretty amazing – it even got nominated for the Awwwards.

The brand strategy defined as the basis of the entire identity was created through intensive individual conversations with the founders, then with each team member, and then through joint workshops where we thoroughly understood the business model, vision, company culture, and defined the target groups we wanted to communicate with.

Same focus, new look: Introducing our corporate rebranding and new identity 

“Moving forward” and “Building people and software”, lines that define our approach and work ethic were the inspiration for our new identity. The logo itself is defined in the sign of progress, arrows, letters L + W, and code brackets — a green logomark that defines a positive change. It reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing creativity in software development. 

Being bold, as the foundation of the whole experience. 

How did we accomplish that? First off, by choosing strong colors that communicate energy and self-confidence, and at the same time stability and vitality. They fit perfectly with our new logo, which defines a positive moment and a step into a new phase of the company’s development — even more challenging digital products and projects.  

When talking about the color green, the first association is the green color on the traffic light, symbolizing movement, a call to action. No color speaks better of growth and progress than shades of green. A brand that brings positive change and impact. The result is a unique logo that fits our corporate rebranding strategy and is in line with the company’s values. It is associated with progress, stability, and security. With a unique identity, we’ll continue to strengthen our position in the market and continue our stable growth in the Leapwise way.

User-centered design & content: Blog and insights

The redesigned website is all about our visitors – clients, partners, and potential future colleagues. We’ve designed and optimized it for a seamless user experience with easy navigation that makes sure you can find all the information you need within a few clicks. Our website was organized in a content-first manner, to provide clear, concise information about our expertise, and success stories. Our blog and resources sections are established to share our knowledge with how-tos, ebooks, webinars, internships, newsletters, and other resources related to IT software development and technology trends.

Embracing our core values: Building people and software

A IT company rebranding isn’t just a one-time event; it’s a continuous journey of evolution and adaptation. It’s all about refreshing your identity while staying true to your core values.

It’s never just about the logo, fonts, and colors, we wanted the new identity to effectively communicate the values ​​that our brand represents. In the first place people, authority, sustainability, transparency, and the fact that people are the main prerequisites for creating quality software. And our new visual identity and redesigned website are just the beginning.

We invite you to explore our transformed digital presence at leapwise.co and experience the Leapwise IT company rebranding difference for yourself.