No magic formula, it's all about the people

A people-first approach is not just a cliché to us. The cornerstone of exceptional software is investing in the people behind it.

What we stand for

True values, genuine culture

We build the company around our people. They are the heartbeat of our company and it’s reflected in our values.

People first

People first is a mindset. We take care of people by providing meaningful work, offering opportunities for professional advancement, and valuing work-life balance.


The cornerstone of every top-tier software is manifested through our adherence to clean code principles and profound domain knowledge. Our commitment is evident in regular code reviews and the certifications we hold.


We prevent technical debt by following a steadfast approach to software architecture, design patterns, and clean code.

Get it right the first time

Our methodical approach ensures that we think every detail through, sketching and planning comprehensively before execution. We foster a culture that cherishes professionalism and attention to details.

Go the extra mile

A strong dedication to our work pushes us to do more than required - and is always rewarding.

Trust & transparency

We like our projects well-structured and well-defined. We like our conversations honest and open. There's no place for ego when fostering meaningful relationships that boost creativity at work.

How we do it

No good software was ever made without a great team of skilled people. Skills are taught and we make sure we give all possible resources for that.

People building

Personalized annual development plans are defined, outlining a person’s professional and career goals with an action plan to get there.

Emphasize the polyvalent

We foster a culture of versatile interests, and encourage language courses, soft skills training, and share our knowledge with the community.

Professional certifications

We empower our team with Expert Learning Paths, professional certifications, offer a vast internal library, and access to the world’s premier conferences.

Quality over quantity

Our approach means each team member dedicates themselves to a single project, fostering deeper understanding and progression. It’s always best to stay focused on the task at hand.

Gaining & sharing knowledge

Knowledge is our greatest power, sharing it is our greatest value. Weekly code reviews nurture collaboration, while specialized trainings like Growth Tribe, Java Champion and JNation enhance our collective knowledge.

Loyal relationships

Our best efforts are dedicated to establishing loyal relationships with our employees and building long-lasting client alliances. In the world of software, our real strength lies in our capacity to share, grow, and push boundaries together.

A dedication to teamwork

We support each other daily, always playing as one team. Our more experienced team members help younger colleagues expand their skills and experiences through mentorship program.

Attention to details

We think through every detail, sketching and planning before execution. We foster a culture that cherishes professionalism and attention to detail.

Genuine one-on-ones

Honesty helps us to act as coaches and assist in employee development. Open dialogue allows for a better sense of employee performance and areas of improvement.

Our hiring process

Our hiring process is simple, fair and transparent. It starts with an honest description of the advertised position – the duties and requirements, benefits and expectations.

Getting in touch

Your CV is your ID Card. Send us yours and we’ll be more than glad to read it carefully.

Quick interview

If we liked what we read in your CV, we’ll invite you for an intro interview to meet in person and exchange expectations.


Following the initial chat, we'll send you a task to evaluate your technical skills. Once completed, we'll set a date for a follow-up interview.


In case we match, you’ll get enough time to solve an assignment that covers the knowledge required for the position you’re applying for.

Technical interview & code review walk-through

In this meeting, we'll discuss the task you completed, go through provided code review, and discuss the assignment solution.

Final interview

If you aced the assignment, we’ll invite you for a final interview to discuss details and hear your feedback.


To quote a famous movie character; we’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse. Jokes aside, receiving our offer is the last step of your hiring journey. Hopefully, it’s also your first step into Leapwise.


On your first day, we'll give you a tour, introduce the team, and provide the equipment. During your first week, each colleague from the office will have a one-on-one chat with you, showing you the specifics of their work and answering any questions you might have.

Benefits we provide

There are many ways we invest in the well-being of our team. Here's what we offer once you're in.


Hybrid work & flexible working hours

Fully paid sick leave

A minimum of 25 days of vacation

Paid health insurance

Yearly general health checks

Additional health insurance

360 onboarding plan


Annual individual development plan

Mentorship program

External trainings by Java Champions, JNation, GitNation, Growth Tribe, and more

Relevant certificates covered (OCA, OCP, Scrum Master, Prince 2)

Internal library of all relevant literature

Relevant courses always at disposal

Yearly conference budget

One-on-one foreign language sessions

Internal workshops and personal development


Employee anniversary, Xmas, Easter, Summer bonus and Referral incentives

Fully paid kindergarten fees

Baby bonus

5 and 10-year anniversary gift

Monthly physiotherapy sessions

Weekly football and other sports initiatives


Breakfast & lunch every day

Bespoke equipment incl. MacBook, iPhone, headphones, MX keyboard

Height-adjustable tables & ergonomic chairs

Games & get-togethers

Open positions

Check out our open positions and drop us your CV. If there are no positions available for you at the moment, do not hesitate to send us an open job application. We will get back to you.