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Backend Handbook


Backend Handbook

A guide that systematically breaks down coding standards and best practices, helping you consistently deliver clean code and high quality projects.

A source of inspiration

Offering new ways and perspectives in which to approach your everyday problems.

Our experience working in technology-intensive industries has shaped our commitment to a systematic and disciplined approach to software development. One that aims to create high-quality, reliable and maintainable software.

To get there, we’ve created an internal set of coding guidelines that we constantly update with new best practices we learn along the way. This handbook is their extension, created as our way of closing the knowledge gap in writing the highest quality code.

Coding guidelines & best practices

The handbook covers everything from software development principles and clean code to development and project management tools we use in our everyday work.

Leapwise way of working

There's no achieving the cleanest, highest-quality code without an environment that helps you strengthen your knowledge. That's why we explain ways in which Leapwise encourages the growth of our developers and nurtures their cross-domain skillsets.

Your insight into writing a cleaner, more maintainable code.