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Kickstart your development career with an incomparable juniorship experience.

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Exclusive approach

Get the most with our mentorship-based approach to an juniorship that’s focused solely on you. Be part of a team led by an experienced team lead, who is also your mentor.

Hands-on experience

Work on real projects that fit your wishes. Along with hands-on learning from your mentor & the team, we’d also like to help you master ownership and work more independently.

Career boost

Hands-on learning, educational budget, and networking with leading experts in the industry will grant you deeper knowledge and a wider scope of future job opportunities.

Period & compensation

A juniorship that lasts for six months and proper compensation for your work prepare the ground to receive all you signed up for - and more.

We’ve answered the main questions

Is the juniorship paid?

Yes. You’ll be properly compensated — you will receive hourly compensation according to student-level salaries at Leapwise.

Do I need to have a student contract to apply?

Yes, a student contract is mandatory to apply for this juniorship. However, you have a chance to stay at Leapwise after the juniorship ends. If, in the meantime, you have completed your studies, we’ll offer you a full-time contract and all the benefits that come with it.

What can I expect from the juniorship?

Once you become our intern, you’re a part of our team. We will treat you as our equal, which means you will be assisted to deepen your knowledge while working on real tasks. We don’t believe in the idea of an intern that’s carrying coffee around the office.

Is this a full-time juniorship? Do I have to work from the office?

Yes, this is a full-time juniorship, which means you should mostly work from the office. We practice the hybrid model, but daily stand-ups and a good atmosphere are the reasons we predominantly prefer to work on site.

Who can apply?

We’re looking for graduate students, preferably with previous working experience.